2D-configurator’s Development

Visualisation Configurator based on 2D images

2D configurator allows you to get a fast-running interface without loading additional modules with wide possibilities for image customisation. The method is based on software(program) gluing of 2D images. The main benefit is fast and guaranteed operation on all types of devices and modern web browsers. 

2D visualisation configurator’s features: 

  • Replacing models (entire image) 

  • Replacing and adding options (changing part of the image) 

  • Replacing materials (fill with color, texture, and image tinting),set the active image areas for working with items 

  • Adding custom images (uploading a file or photo, such as a company logo) 

  • Deforming and moving an image or part of it 

2D-configurator doors

2D Configuratoris ealisily used to configure one specific product.  2D images editing is also used as part of a more complex Configurator, such as "editing the room plan" to work with the room layout in the 3D interior Configurator

2D-configurator furniture