Interactive 3D configurator’s development

WEB-configurator with interactive 3D-visualization based on WebGL technology

This visualization method is based on the 3D - webGL technology built into modern browsers. It allows you to interact with a full-fledged interactive 3D model in a three-dimensional scene.

Visualisation configurator’s features:

  • Models replacing (the entire model)

  • Changing the dimensions of the model and its location in space (width, height, depth of the product, rotation on all the axes)

  • Replacing and adding options (changing part of the model, connecting multiple 3D models)

  • Materials replacement (all available webgl 3D texture tools - color, reflection, gloss, transparency of the material, texture overlay, even video of the texture)

  • Hotspots selection in the 3D model to work with elements based on the current camera and scene position

  • Saving an image from the Configurator in a file for future use in the specification

  • Adding custom images (uploading a file or photo, such as a company logo, as a texture usage

3D-configurator Arneg Shelves

Thus, the 3D-Configurator has the bestcapabilityusing 3D you can combine several products in one scene, organise the layout of the room

Well as customise each of the products in the scene.

The Configurator can be integrated in your website, or it can be located on a separate domain.

3D-interactive interior configurator