Interactive 3D-configurator

WEB-configurator with interactive 3D-visualization based on WebGL technology

This visualization method is based on the 3D - webGL technology built into modern browsers. It allows you to interact with a full-fledged interactive 3D model in a three-dimensional scene.

Features of configurators with 3D visualization: 

  • Replacing models (the entire model)

  • Changing the dimensions of the model and its position in space (width, height, depth of the product, rotation on all axes)

  • Replacing and adding options (changing part of the model, connecting multiple 3D models)

  • Replacement of materials (all available webgl 3D texture tools - color, reflection, gloss, transparency of the material, texture overlay, even video on the texture)

  • Selecting hotspots in the 3D model to work with elements based on the current camera and scene position

  • Saving an image from the Configurator to a file for use in the specification

  • Adding custom images (uploading a file or photo, such as a company logo, for use as a texture)

3D-configurator Arneg Shelves

Thus, the 3D-Configurator has the maximum functionality, using 3D you can combine several products in one scene, organize the layout of the room,

at the same time, I customize each of the products in the scene.

The Configurator can be embedded in the page body of Your site, or it can be located on a separate domain.

3D-interactive interior configurator