Basic visualisation configurator

WEB-calculators and configurators with basic images visualisation

Not all the configurable products require visualisation, in some cases text or images is the best option to describe the resulting specification. When decision support system generates the resulting product or set of products from the client’s catalog based on personal data, the entire visualisation consists of a table with product names and prices.

This type of visualiыation is suitable for products that do not require visual viewing - complex technical products, rolled metal, calculation of transport services, calculation of necessary equipment according to specified parameters


Diagram showing configurator’s work with basic visualisation

Step - by-step-filling

Filling of the client's personal data is performed step - by-step (the number and composition of steps depends on the subject area), after completing the last step, the result is output

Step-by-step configurator ARNEG Thermodoors


Simultaneous-filling in personal data is performed on a single page, the blocks are interconnected and change according to the selected parameters

Sandwich panel calculator

It is possible to calculate both based on the internal data of the Configurator, and requests from external services, use a third-party API (for example, Google Maps), connect the result to the online store's shopping cart, save it as a CRM system item, and so on.

The Configurator can be embedded in the page body of Your site, or it can be located on a separate domain.The Configurator can be incorporated in your website, or it can be located on a separate domain.